About Us

The Business

Vintage Vehicle Services come to fruition after some encouragement by a car owner who had several cars worked on under a contract arrangement. This owner suggested there were other car owners who were asking about having their cars repaired. Due to licensing restrictions, these cars were unable to be repaired without complex contracts and a risk of breaching the law. So an application for a license, a business name and a few more bits of equipment and Vintage Vehicle Services was born. The business currently has over 30 customers on its books with around 65 cars between them. Our services range from basic lubrication maintenance up to engine and component overhauls, brake repair, differentials, clutch and gearbox repairs all the way up to complete restorations.

The Staff

The Mechanics:             

Our lead Mechanic was Ford factory trained and then spent a few years moving through workshops to gather experience. He then settled for a few years in a workshop that among other repairs prepared and set up racing cars, specialising in Porsches. Also worked on were some Formula cars, V8 Supercars and numerous sports cars. Eventually withdrawing from the general repair industry, and at the request of a previous customer, started working on pre WWII Rolls Royce's. Our assisting mechanic started off working on 4 x 4's and developed an interest in race car preparation. After being out of the trade for a few years to pursue other interests he turns up when needed to lend a hand. 

The Panel-Beater:

We contract out our panel services to a retired gent who still has a few tools in the shed of his 5 acre property. A Tradesman from the old school, he carries out repairs using traditional methods and is skilled in lead-wiping and the repair of aluminium panels. A great example is the repairs on 3DL-150, which required several panels made from flat sheet and the chassis straightened - all without factory drawings or specifications.

The Auto-Electrician:

Our Auto Electrician specialises in the custom wiring of Hot-Rods and show cars. He has access to reproduction cloth covered wire as well as fittings and finishing's of all eras. Able to hide wires away and utilise modern devices and components for reliability while still retaining the original perspective of the car. Repair and rebuilding of generators, instrument clusters and the fitting of lights and accessories are everyday work for our Sparky.

The Gopher:     

Without being rude to Gophers, ours is pretty special. He turns up to help clean the cars, pick up and deliver cars and parts and when needed drives weddings. A retired professional driver, we use him to gain mileage on cars that have had major engine repairs as well as delivering completed cars. As a recognised driver trainer we have even had him give driving lessons to the less confidant owners.